Brian Moss

Founder & CEO

Brian has spent the majority of his career dedicated to helping physicians and other allied healthcare professionals provide better care to their patients. A native of suburban Philadelphia, Brian graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 1995 with a degree in Life Sciences. He spent the year following his graduation working in a community-based hospital gaining hands-on insight into healthcare delivery as well as the research and development process for several proprietary drugs and medical devices. This experience honed his interest in novel therapeutics and led to his pursuit of a career opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry.

Brian joined AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in 1996, and throughout his five-year tenure with the organization served in a number of successive sales and marketing capacities. Brian left AstraZeneca in 2000 to pursue an MBA, with an emphasis in Finance and Marketing, at Columbia Business School in New York. While at Columbia, Brian continued to consult for his former employer as well as a number of other organizations within the space. It was in this capacity that Brian became involved with Research To Practice (RTP), an accredited continuing education group he would join in 2002 following his graduation.

At RTP, Brian was tasked with helping the founder to expand the organization and over the course of his time there facilitated the growth of the company from a handful of employees to one of the preeminent providers of continuing oncology education in the world. In his most recent role, Brian directly oversaw and managed business development for the company as well as contributed his insights on corporate decisions related to the organization’s overarching strategic goals, activity design and implementation.

Utilizing his diverse industry experience, Brian is now leading Efficient’s efforts to revolutionize the development and delivery of continuing education for physicians and other allied healthcare professionals at its Chief Executive Officer.



Chloe Gianatasio, MS

Associate Director, Scientific Affairs

Natalie Goldberg, PhD

Natalie Goldberg, PhD

Associate Director, Scientific Affairs

Patrick Crossen

Patrick Crossen

Project Manager,
Operations and Scientific Affairs

Anna Irwin

Anna Irwin, MD

Medical Advisor, Sleep Disorders


Ryan Smith, DO

Medical Advisor, Headache Disorders


Adnan Subei, DO

Medical Advisor, MS & Related Disorders


Cecile Zhao, MD

Medical Advisor, Movement Disorders